Monday, 28 October 2013

The Motherland Calls

When I first came across a picture of Motherland, I just knew that I had to draw her.
The passion in her face whilst her arm is raised leading the way for the countrymen to follow just gave me so much inspiration.
A piece of Gold.
A woman in flowing robes with a sword in her hand, her posture looking over her shoulder and leading those behind to follow.
This is a face of Russian mother who calls her countrymen for war against invaders of their motherland to defend Stalingrad. The major battle in World War II. This statue represents the POWER of WOMAN and the power of a mother, which originally led me to draw this. 
 Unfortunately, very similar to current situation which the Palestinians are facing and have experienced for numerous years. 
The woman holds her land, protects it, guards it and stands against those who unlawfully enter.
Her eyes show anger and fear, expressing compassion in her beliefs and loyalty to her people. Her open mouth shouts almost in a way which you can hear her showing the toughness and determination to stand for what is right. This woman calls for WAR to protect her motherland - HER home, HER life and HER people.
I have done many years of research and I always look to improve my drawing skills with regards to what I find interesting to draw.
Without doubt this is honestly one of my most valued drawings as it symbolises so much more than just a drawing. This is, in my opinion one of most beautiful and powerful statues that man had ever created and I have so much respect for the artists who built it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and seeing my work :)
Much Love, Asmahan x

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