Sunday, 25 May 2014

The child of the dark

Of all the things I've aimed to be, 

this by far is the worse I've been. 

Of love so dark the devils would run, 

from a soul so corrupt and evil who sucks you into hell. 

Still he would hold his head high and deceive those around, 

Conniving lover the world has yet to see. 

Though I never believed the warnings around, 

Until reality had drawn me in... into a love so bitter, destroying the innocence in me. 

So began my story of a young girl in love,

With the worse man that has ever been. 

The notes I've left behind to warn the heads or two, 

to avoid such human beings although beauty will delude. 

Still he smiles at me, like a child of the dark,

alone in a corner holding my beating heart.

bend in and out of shape, burst into a thousand flames of love so devine yet so toxic at the same time. 


His smile so bright like the sun beaming light rays in my eyes, like mockshood absorbed through my veins; killing me with it's poison yet I'm so quiet and ashamed still I crave to be abused by my lover my very own servitude. 

I crawl away like the dark night turning to day and hold myself accountable for the pain I've inflicted on my bleeding heart.

Yet with every nasty step of your departing feet I find comfort in how good it feels to loath myself and weep 

Now alone quivering in the dark, 

for all those wrong doings I've done to my heart. 

Yet I still force the smile on myself suppressing the acknowledgment that loneliness is now my fate. 

Asmahan A. Mosleh