Tuesday, 29 October 2013

My journey to Milan, Italy. 🇮🇹


6th December - 11th December '12
As an Artist I love to travel, I believe it broadens your mind and you learn to love and respect different cultures and traditions. 

In December '12, myself and my best friend Ruqaya decided to fly away to Milan, one of the fashion capitals of the world.  
The journey from London to Milan only lasted an hour and 10minutes and luckily we got there super early so we hadn't lost a day.  

Street performances from free lance graffiti, musical instruments and singers... All around the liven up the city. Perfection! 

As the first day we decided to stay local and do some shopping for our hotel, dining at the local restaurant and enjoying the change of scenery. 
We managed to wake up every morning super early and plan the day so we don't miss anything out. 
The second day we decided to visit the markets in Central Milan, nothing like what I expected.  

The markets, hundreds, all lined beside each other selling clothes, head scarves, chocolate and even olive oil... Almost everything was available, at very decent prices too! 
Me and Ruqaya decided to buy our mothers a large bottle of olive oil, which didn't work well trying to get it in our hand luggage at departure, nevertheless, €5 is a bargain! 
Beside the markets was standing, the most incredibly built cathedral Duomo... May I add, growing up into gloomy and gothic like images and environment I fell in love instantly! I stood staring at Duomo for ages, studying the architecture, analysing every piece... It just blew me away. 

After a long wait, we managed to enter Duomo, stunning! The dimmed lights, the drawings, the paintings, the colour... Everything was just too beautiful, even now after almost a year since visiting, I can still picture Duomo and it's beauty. 

It was time to head back, so we got on the train and got off at our stop, luckily the tran stopped outside the hotel so it wasn't very scary at all - worse thing I want is to get lost on my travels.  Although, it's not always bad to be lost sometimes... 
The third day, GALLERIA VITTORIO EMANUELE II !!! As Ruqaya and myself work crazy hours, we thought why not treat ourselves to some retail loving, pampering session and some Italian dining. Yum yum.! 

Gucci to Louis Vuitton, from Fendi to Chanel... Store by store, each consisted of the best collection each brand had... I however managed to find myself a beautiful blazer from Zara, just happened to be on the SALE rail too, everybody loves a bargain! Don't deny it! 

As each day passed, we fell more and more in love with Milan, although if I'm being completely honest the food wasn't much to my liking, the overall experience was hilarious, amazing and one to always refer back to. 
It was really weird to explain how I actually felt of the journey when I came back as it was a big change to all the other countries I had visited but now I've collected my thoughts, I actually can't wait to visit again. 

On our last night, we decided to travel around Milan for our last time, although it started snowing we couldn't let snow get in the way of our plans! So, took a visit to the Picasso gallery next to the Cathedral Duomo and snapped our lives away... 

Yes I know, I'm a great photographer... Ha! It just seems so surreal that I actually got lucky enough to visit the beautiful city of Milan and if I'm lucky again, il be back very soon. :) 

Hope you enjoyed this read. 

Much love guys! <3

Monday, 28 October 2013

The Motherland Calls

When I first came across a picture of Motherland, I just knew that I had to draw her.
The passion in her face whilst her arm is raised leading the way for the countrymen to follow just gave me so much inspiration.
A piece of Gold.
A woman in flowing robes with a sword in her hand, her posture looking over her shoulder and leading those behind to follow.
This is a face of Russian mother who calls her countrymen for war against invaders of their motherland to defend Stalingrad. The major battle in World War II. This statue represents the POWER of WOMAN and the power of a mother, which originally led me to draw this. 
 Unfortunately, very similar to current situation which the Palestinians are facing and have experienced for numerous years. 
The woman holds her land, protects it, guards it and stands against those who unlawfully enter.
Her eyes show anger and fear, expressing compassion in her beliefs and loyalty to her people. Her open mouth shouts almost in a way which you can hear her showing the toughness and determination to stand for what is right. This woman calls for WAR to protect her motherland - HER home, HER life and HER people.
I have done many years of research and I always look to improve my drawing skills with regards to what I find interesting to draw.
Without doubt this is honestly one of my most valued drawings as it symbolises so much more than just a drawing. This is, in my opinion one of most beautiful and powerful statues that man had ever created and I have so much respect for the artists who built it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and seeing my work :)
Much Love, Asmahan x

Sunday, 27 October 2013



Well considering this is my first blog, I think I should introduce myself...

I'm Asmahan Mosleh, an Artist, illustrator turned Fashion Designer. Born and raised in Sheffield with Yemeni Arabic descent and I'm eager to show the world my line work and designs.

Hopefully I'll get the gist of this 'blogging' very soon, but in the mean time I'll post photos of my work with in-depth explanations as to why my mind pushes me to the dark side... hah.

Much Love,
Asmahan Mosleh x